We understand every pet owner has different needs. Therefore, the SYNLawn pet system focuses on finding the right mix of artificial grass product selection, installation technique and maintenance schedule tailored for your application.

Pets stay clean

No more dirty dogs or muddy paws. Even right after the rain, your pet is free to use the lawn without the worry they'll track the dirt back in the house.

Pets Stay Healthy

SYNLawn synthetic grass is uninhabitable for tics, fleas, and other bugs that may bother your pets.

Controls odors organically

Our pet system utilizes zeolite crystals in the installation process to reduce or eliminate odors. Zeolite crystals are proven to reduce up to 80% of odors caused by the ammonia in pet waste.

Security package

Larger more active pets can often be destructive to natural grass yards. As an added measure, SYNLawn has developed extra security methods for our artificial grass installations to guard against heavy wear, running, digging, chewing, etc.

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